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I use my nursing, integrative medicine and energy medicine background to combine the best of all healing modalities into one comprehensive, client-centered experience.


A comprehensive analysis of energetic stressors and weaknesses of all organs, glands and systems.

Holistic Nurse Healing

Holistic Nurse Healing offers Health Coaching, Functional Medicine and Bioenergetic Testing, CellCore Detox Protocols, Integrative Aromatherapy and more! If one or more of these services are resonating with you, consider the fact that you might have been led here for a reason.

The mission behind Holistic Nurse Healing is to get to the root cause of any dis-ease and promote wellness.

It is my hope that the services offered here will help you to restore balance, remove any obstacles to optimal health, enhance your sense of well-being and promote healing within.

You will be guided on how to reclaim your power around your health and likely get some answers that you have been searching for.

This is another exciting chapter on your journey to feeling your best and I’m thrilled to be a part of it!

*The advice and recommendations given by Holistic Nurse Healing is not intended to serve as medical advice. These products and services are strictly for educational purposes and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Discover a holistic approach to wellness with unique products designed to enhance your health journey. From the Total Tox Burden Panel to specialized Cleanse & Coaching packages, Holistic Nurse Healing offers tailored solutions for your well-being.

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