Comprehensive Protocol & Coaching


The Comprehensive Protocol is a great option for the client with more long standing or chronic issues. This 9 month protocol begins with properly preparing the body for detoxification by first supporting the mitochondria and opening drainage pathways. This helps minimize unwanted reactions and ensures the body has sufficient energy to detoxify as clients opting for this protocol typically have many sensitivities and health issues.

This step-by-step process targets different areas of the body at each stage of detoxification to efficiently address underlying root causes.

  • Phase 1 focuses on energy & drainage, mitochondrial function and balancing the immune system – Typically one month long
  • Phase 2 focuses on gut and immune support, parasites and the digestive tract – Typically 2 months long
  • Phase 3 focuses on whole-body immune support with deeper detox and targeting parasites systemically – Typically 2 months long
  • Phase 4 focuses on systemic detox – Designed to push detoxification by chelating glyphosate, radioactive elements, heavy metals and other toxins, allowing them to be carried out of the body through open drainage pathways – Typically 5 months long
  • Phase 5 focuses on deeper chronic infections impacted by bacteria, fungi, Lyme, and co-infections such as Bartonella, Babesia, and EBV – Typically 4 months long and is administered in conjunction with Phase 4

Everyone’s detox journey and symptoms look different, which is why working with a practitioner is important for the ease and success of the process.

*Additional products may be recommended along the way to help with issues like constipation, inflammation, migraines, blood sugar and/or hormonal support, etc.

The Comprehensive Protocol starts with a 30-45 minute intake (in person, phone call or video call) and includes nine 30 minute check-ins each month. Resources are sent out after the initial intake to set you up for success during each phase.

*Payment plans are accepted but will likely result in additional processing and shipping fees.

Questions? Feel free to book a free 15 minute consultation call to find out what option is best for you!!

*Modified protocols available to meet your budget.


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